Monday, 5.6.2017    
Chairman: Michal Hocek    
8:45 9:00   M.Hocek Opening
9:00 9:40 PL1 I. Willner Nucleic Acid Nanostructures Exhibiting Programmed Machinery  and Catalytic Functionalities
9:40 10:20 PL2 N. Sugimoto Non-canonical World of Nucleic Acids under Molecular Crowding
10:20 10:50 Coffee Break    
Chairman: Scott Silverman    
10:50 11:20 EYIL1 C. Höbartner The structural basis of DNA catalysis and fluorogenic labeling of RNA modifications
11:20 11:40 OC1 D. Sen In vitro selected DNAzymes and ribozymes and their links to biology
11:40 12:00 OC2 A. Fleming 4n-1 is a “Sweet Spot” in 2’-Deoxycytidine Homopolymers adopting i-motif folds
12:00 12:20 OC3 E. Funder New Discoveries within Phosphorothioate LNA
12:20 12:40 OC4 A. Istrate Manipulating the properties of tricyclo-DNA by 2′-fluorination
12:40 14:30 Lunch    
Chairman: Nathan Luedtke    
14:30 15:30 Sorm Award A. Marx Copying of unnatural and natural nucleic acid modifications
15:30 15:50 OC5 M. Hocek DNA Modifications for Sensing, Cross-linking or Switching of DNA-Protein Interactions
15:50 16:10 OC6 M. Hollenstein Synthesis of modified nucleoside triphosphates for selection experiments
16:10 16:30 Coffee Break    
Chairman: Oliver Seitz    
16:30 17:10 PL3 S. Silverman DNA as an Enzyme
17:10 17:30 OC7 M. Kuwahara Simple Method for Biomarker Detection: Signal Amplification by Ternary Initiation Complexes
17:30 17:50 OC8 D. Perrin DNAzymes and Aptamers with Protein-like Functionalities Derived from Modified dNTPs
17:50 18:10 OC9 C. K. O' Sullivan Selection, characterisation and analytical application of DNA aptamers against the anaphylactic allergen, Lup-an 1, ß-conglutin
18:10 18:30 OC10 J. Spacek Detection of brand new unnatural base pairs in in vivo prepared plasmid DNA by electrochemistry with the good old hanging mercury drop electrode
19:00 22:00 Jena Bioscience Beer Party and Dinner  
Tuesday, 6.6.2017    
Chairman: Andreas Marx    
9:00 9:40 PL4 T. Carell DNA bases beyond Watson and Crick
9:40 10:00 OC11 S. Becker Formation of purine nucleosides and its modifications under plausible prebiotic conditions
10:00 10:20 OC12 H. Sugiyama Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids: DNA Origami and Artificial Genetic Switch
10:20 10:50 Coffee Break    
Chairman: Thomas Carell    
10:50 11:20 EYIL2 N. W. Luedtke A Bioorthogonal Chemical Reporter of Nucleoside Drug Metabolism
11:20 11:40 OC13 A. Granzhan Macrocyclic DNA Ligands: Smart DNA-Lesion Binders and Inhibitors of DNA Repair
11:40 12:00 OC14 A. Madder Modified nucleic acids for crosslinking and catalysis 
12:00 12:20 OC15 B. Y. Michel Dynamics of 5-MethylCytosine Flipping by UHRF1: How Long Does It Take to Convey an Epigenetic Mark?
12:20 12:40 OC16 T. Lavergne Topologically controlled G-quadruplex foldamers: design and application
12:40 14:30 Lunch    
Chairman: Hans-Achim Wagenknecht  
15:30 15:10 PL5 C. Meier Developing Prodrugs of antivirally active Nucleoside Triphosphates - Against all odds, it works!
15:10 15:30 OC17 S. Vasilyeva SiO2 nanoparticles as a vehicle for delivery of nucleoside triphosphate analogues into cells
15:30 15:50 OC18 T. Kraus Synthetic transporters of modified nucleoside triphosphates across cell membranes
15:50 16:10 OC19 P. Kumar Triazole –linked Locked Nucleic Acids: Synthesis and Hybridization Properties
16:10 16:30 OC20 J. Brčić DNA oligonucleotide with GGGGCC repeats implicated in ALS and FTD folds into two distinct G-quadruplex structures
16:30 21:30 Alios Biopharma Poster Session and Dinner
Wednesday, 7.6.2017    
Chairman: Chris Meier    
9:00 9:40 PL6 R. Schinazi Development of Ideal Pangenotypic HCV Regimens
9:40 10:00 OC21 R. Nencka Nucleoside inhibitors of arthropod-borne flaviviruses
10:00 10:20 OC22 A. M. Downey Progress Toward Protecting Group-Free Synthesis of Nucleosides
10:20 10:50 Coffee Break    
Chairman: Annemieke Madder    
10:50 11:20 EYIL3 J. Kowalska Exploring „clickable” phosphate analogs to create biologically-active nucleotide mimics and probes
11:20 11:40 OC23 M. Warminski Structural studies on therapeutically relevant mRNA 5’ cap analogues in complexes with eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E by X-Ray crystallography
11:40 12:00 OC23 M. Manoharan Chemically modified siRNAs for human  therapeutics 
12:00 12:20 OC25 P. Nielsen Double-headed nucleotides – condensing the information
12:20 12:40 OC26 M. De Fenza Novel Piperidinyl Iminosugar-Based Nucleosides as Selective Pharmacological Tools
12:40 14:00 Lunch    
14:00 20:00 Free afternoon  
20:00 24:00:00 Chemgenes Conference Dinner  
Thursday, 7.6.2017    
Chairman: Cynthia Burrows    
9:00 9:40 PL7 K. V. Gothelf Templated Assembly of Polymers and other Materials
9:40 10:00 OC27 H.-A. Wagenknecht Light-drivenm functions in DNA
10:00 10:20 OC28 L. M. Wilhelmsson Nucleic acid base analogue FRET
10:20 10:50 Coffee Break    
Chairman: Kurt Gothelf    
10:50 11:20 EYIL4 A. Rentmeister Chemo-enzymatic modification of eukaryotic mRNAs
11:20 11:40 OC29 S. Seergazhi Gopalan Probing Nucleic Acid Structure and Function Using Multifunctional Nucleoside Analog Probes
11:40 12:00 OC30 E. Westhof An integrated, structure- and energy-based view of the genetic code
12:00 12:20 OC31 B. Nawrot Non-canonical base pairs in codon-anticodon recognition
12:20 12:40 OC32 G. Leszczynska Why Nature introduced S-geranyl to the wobble 2-thiouridines of transfer RNAs
12:40 14:30 Lunch    
Chairman: Eric Westhof    
14:30 15:10 PL8 C. Richert RNA-Induced Formation of Peptides in the Absence of Enzymes
15:10 15:30 OC33 J.-L. Mergny Quadruplexes are everywhere!
15:30 15:50 OC34 O. Seitz Exploring Multivalency by DNA-programmed spatial screening
15:50 16:10 OC35 A. Kellett Polynuclear Metallodrug—Nucleic Acid Interactions: New Therapeutic and Biochemical Applications
16:10 16:30 Coffee Break    
Chairman: Jean-Louis Mergny    
16:30 16:50 OC36 A. Ono Characterization of Duplexes containing metal ion mediated base pairs
16:50 17:10 OC37 M. Smietana Remote control of RNase H activity using the boronic acid/boronate ester switch 
17:10 17:30 OC38 M. Caruthers Synthesis, Biochemistry, and Biology of New Morpholino and Thiomorpholino DNA Analogues
17:30 18:10 PL9 C. Burrows Epigenetics of Guanine
18:10 18:30   M.Hocek Concluding remarks
19:00 20:00 Organ Concert  
20:00 21:30 Dinner    



Org.No. Surname Name Title
P 01 Alexandrova Liudmila New 4-Modified cytidines: synthesis and evaluation as antimicrobial agents  
P 02 Alibayov Babek Application of NAD captureSeq on viruses
P 03 Baszczyňski Ondřej Phosphonoacetate analogues of adenosine 5'-diphosphate ribose (ADPR): probes for the Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) cation channel TRPM2
P 04 Benoni Roberto Mapping of m1A in the viral RNA
P 05 Berger Florence Fluorescent Modified Guanine Nucleotides to Probe Frameshift Mutations in DNA
P 06 Boháčová Soňa Nucleotides Bearing Photocleavable Groups for DNA Photocaging
P 07 Bood Mattias A highly emissive adenine analogue with promising properties for microscopy
P 08 Brehova Petra Synthesis of acyclic nucleoside phosphonates with unnatural heterocyclic bases bearing aryl substituents and their inhibitory activity towards bacterial and human adenylate cyclases
P 09 Brzezińska Jolanta Thermo-controlled  Device in Orthogonal Protection Strategy for Bioconjugate Synthesis
P 10 Cechova Lucie 5-Azopyrimidines: Synthesis and NMR study of their photochemical behavior
P 11 Cesnek Michal Synthesis and evaluation of novel acyclic nucleoside phosphonates with unnatural nucleobases as potent inhibitors of Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase toxin
P 12 Chmielewski Marcin Stereoselective Cyclisation and Diastereoisomeric Purification of 3-(Pyridin-2-yl)-1-phenyl-(1,3,2)oxazaphospholidine Formed from a Thermolabile Protecting Group
P 13 Croce Stefano EdU DetectPro
P 14 Debart Francoise 2’-O-modified siRNA by disulfide-containing groups in a prodrug approach 
P 15 Drenichev Mikhail S. Synthesis and antiviral activity of N6-substituted adenosine derivatives
P 16 Ebenryter-Olbinska Katarzyna Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of antisense oligonucleotides modified with boron clusters
P 17 Ermert Susanne Development of ATP-based Signaling Molecules
P 18 Esposito Anna Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of D- and L- Cyclohexenyl Nucleosides
P 19 Evéquoz Damien Exploring the backbone topology of DNA: the 7',5'-bicyclo-DNA system
P 20 Fantoni Nicolo Artificial Metallo-Nucleases for Gene Editing
P 21 Fignole Klavdja Synthesis and biophysical properties of C(6’)-modified tricyclo-DNA analogs 
P 22 Fojta Miroslav Utilization of Catalytic Hydrogen Evolution in Electrochemical Analysis of Modified Nucleic Acids
P 23 Frei Sibylle Synthesis and Properties of Novel Fluorinated Bicyclic Nucleosides and Oligonucleotides
P 24 Gadakh Bharat Pharmacophoric importance of the adenine base in aminoacyl-sulfamoyl analogues (aaSAs)
P 25 Gasser Catherina Syntheses of S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) analogues – Towards alternative ligands for SAM riboswitches
P 26 Gołębiewska Justyna A new, efficient entry for the preparation of nucleoside 5'-phosphoramidates - as new substrates for the synthesis of biologically active nucleoside 5'-diphosphates
P 27 Güixens-Gallardo Pedro Synthesis of new fluorescent nucleosides through the Knoevenagel condensation and related reactions.
P 28 Hagiwara Kenta Reusable Enzymatic Production System for Artificial Nucleic Acids
P 29 Höbartner Claudia Fluorescence activating RNA aptamers
P 30 Hockova Dana Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates: Inhibition and structural investigations of Trypanosoma brucei 6-oxopurine phosphoribosyltranferases
P 31 Hudeček Oldřich Development of capturing technique for 5’-diphosphate RNA
P 32 Jankowska-Anyszka Marzena Synthesis and potential application of new double-functionalized dinucleotide mRNA cap analogues 
P 33 Jastrzebska Katarzyna P-stereodefined homopurine chimeric [All-RP-PS]-DNA#LNA oligomers recruit Hoogsteen-paired DNA templates to form thermally stable parallel complexes
P 34 Jemielity Jacek 5’ mRNA Cap Analogs for Efficient Translation and Specific Labeling of mRNA in Living Cells
P 35 Kaiser Martin Maxmilian Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates with (S)- and (R)-HPEP moiety as monomers for the synthesis of modified oligonucleotides 
P 36 Kaniowski Damian Anti-EGFR silencing activity of antisense oligonucleotides labeled with boron clusters
P 37 Khandazhinskaya Anastasia Novel 5’-Norcarbocyclic Nucleoside Analogues As Antibacterial Agents
P 38 Kirillova Yuliya Synthesis of polyanionic ?-PNAs derived from L-Glu
P 39 Klejch Tomáš Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates bearing Favipiravir as a nucleobase: Potential inhibitors of hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase
P 40 Koćmik Ilona Synthesis and biological evaluation of dinucleotide analogues of 5' end of the mRNA modified at the N2 and C2' (C3') positions of 7-methylguanosine
P 41 Kočišek Jaroslav DNA Binding Radiosensitizers and Low Energy Electrons
P 42 Kropp Heike Unraveling the interactions between a modified primer and KlenTaq DNA polymerase - on a structural level
P 43 Kryńska Paulina Reversible functionalization of sulfur containing guanosine derivatives
P 44 Lange Sandra Exploring Interaction Partners of Diadenosine Triphosphate
P 45 Lehner Maike Synthesis and Investigation of Cell-Permeable NAD+ Analogs 
P 46 Leitner Kim DNA polymerase-based systems for site-specific sensing of the presence or absence of DNA modifications
P 47 Luo Min Expanding the Antiviral Spectrum of Fluorinated Acyclic Nucleoside Phosphonates (FPMPs): Diamyl Aspartate Amidate Prodrugs
P 48 Maciaszek Anna P-Diastereomers of the oxathiaphospholane derivatives of  N6-methyl-2’-deoxyadenosine and N2,N2-dimethyl-2’-deoxyguanosine–discriminators of Watson-Crick interactions in parallel triplexes.
P 49 Mairhofer Elisabeth Towards the efficient synthesis of arginine-containing peptidyl-tRNA mimics
P 50 Manicardi Alex Crosslinking Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs) for DNA targeting
P 51 Matyašovský Ján 2-Substituted dATP Derivatives as Building Blocks for Polymerase Catalyzed Synthesis of DNA Modified in the Minor Groove
P 52 Matyugina Elena Design and synthesis of novel fleximers 
P 53 Mikhailov Sergey Synthesis of purines from nucleosides: ribose as a blocking group
P 54 Milisavljevic Nemanja Enzymatic synthesis of base-modified RNAs
P 55 Morvan Francois Double Oxime Ligation for the Synthesis of Circular Oligonucleotides 
P 56 Muttach Fabian Novel AdoMet analogues as tools for enzymatic transfer of photo-crosslinkers and capturing RNA-protein interactions
P 57 Nautiyal Manesh Biological and structural analysis of base modified nucleosides as aminoacyl adenylate analogues inhibiting tRNA synthetases
P 58 Negrya Sergey Synthesis and biological properties of modified 2’-deoxyuridines with broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity 
P 59 Olszewska Agata Development of reactive groups for DNA-protein cross-link information 
P 60 Oslovsky Vladimir Synthesis and antiviral activity of new N6-benzyladenosine analogues with acetylene linker
P 61 Panattoni Alessandro Competitive primer extension of base-modified dNTPs in the presence of natural dNTPs.
P 62 Perlikova Pavla Mechanism of action of 7-(2-thienyl)-7-deazaadenosine (AB61), a potent cytostatic
P 63 Piecyk Karolina Ewa Synthesis and potencial application of new double-functionalized dinucleotide  mRNA cap analogues
P 64 Ploschik Damian Enzymatic Synthesis and Copperfree Bioorthogonal Labeling of Cyclopropene-modified Oligonucleotides by the Use of Inverse Electron Demand Diels-Alder Cycloaddition
P 65 Pozmogova Galina A THF-based modification induces antiparallel to parallel conformational switches in G4 DNA
P 66 Promontorio Rossella Exploration of new chemical space through the synthesis of sp3-enriched bridged bicyclo compounds
P 67 Promontorio Rossella Crystal structure of an intramolecular telomeric DNA G-quadruplex-ligand complex
P 68 Rachwalak Marta Synthesis of nucleoside 5'-diphosphates and their tio- and seleno analogues using H-phosphonate chemistry
P 69 Rahimoff René A novel probe for the MS/MS-based detection and quantification of abasic site intermediates in genomic DNA
P 70 Ravn Jacob Conjugation and linker strategies for LNA SSO delivery
P 71 Räz Michael Torsional Constraints of DNA Substrates Impact Cas9 Cleavage
P 72 Reichle Valentin Frederik Biosynthetic isotope labeling reveals dynamics of the epitranscriptome and novel modified nucleosides
P 73 Reisacher Ulrike Copper-free, Bioorthogonal and Postsynthetic Labeling of Nucleic Acids
P 74 Richard Jean-Alexandre Synthesis of dihydroxanthene near-infrared emitting fluorophores and their water-soluble analogues
P 75 Romanowska Joanna Exploring new anti-HIV prodrugs – nucleoside 5’-diphosphates
P 76 Rydzik Anna Crosslinking strategies for capturing nucleic acid – protein interactions
P 77 Saha Subham Noncovalent Spin Labeling of Unmodified RNA: The Aptamer Approach
P 78 Schiffers Sarah Quantitative LC-MS provides no evidence for m6dA or m4dC in the genomes of mouse ESCs and tissues
P 79 Schmidt Olivia Paula A Fluorescent Base Analog Reveals High Kinetic Stabilities of T-HgII-T Base Pairs that Inhibit DNA Dynamics and Polymerase Activity
P 80 Schneider Christina Ubiquitous non-canonical RNA nucleosides are vestiges of the early Earth 
P 81 Sherstyuk Yuliya ADP conjugates as potential PARP-1 inhibitors
P 82 Shin Dongwon Novel N1-Substituted Pseudouridine 5’-Triphosphates for the Synthesis of Modified mRNA and its Effect on mRNA Translation in THP-1 cells
P 83 Simonova Anna Phenothiazine as new oxidizable label for electrochemical detection of DNA
P 84 Skácel Jan Design and Synthesis of Potential HG(X)PRT Inhibitors Based on Polysubstituted Thiophenes: Utilization of Direct Metalation of Heterocycles.
P 85 Slator Creina Di-Copper Complexes Promote NCI-60 Chemotherapy by Intracellular Superoxide and Singlet Oxygen Facilitated DNA Damage
P 86 Slavíčková Michaela Synthesis of hydrophobic derivatives of 2'-deoxyadenosine and DNA
P 87 Soudah Terese PNA-peptide conjugates as splice switching oligonucleotides (SSO) of the MnK2 gene
P 88 Stazzoni Samuele Quantification of 5-formylcytosine in specific genomic sites
P 89 Šimonová Anna Studies of methylation of viral RNA
P 90 Špaček Petr Acyclic nucleoside bisphosphonates with asymmetric scaffold as inhibitors of Plasmodial and human 6-oxopurine phosphoribosyltransferases
P 91 Tichý Michal Synthesis and Biological Activities of Thieno-fused 7-Deazapurine Ribonucleosides
P 92 Varizhuk Anna New benzothiazole-derived dyes for staining of non-canonical DNA
P 93 Walczak Sylwia Triazole-modified dinucleotides as 5’ mRNA cap mimics and reagents for mRNA modification
P 94 Wanat Przemyslaw Nonhydrolyzable pyrene-excimer NTP-based molecular probes
P 95 Watanabe Yurika Water-Soluble Nucleotide Analogue (WSNA) with a Flexible Backbone-Containing Guanidinium Groups
P 96 Witkowska Agnieszka Chemical Switch in 2-Pyridinyl Thermolabile Protecting groups methodology
P 97 Zatsepin Timofey Specificity of SNP detection with molecular beacons is improved by stem and loop separation with spacers